International conference · 1st - 4th April 2008 · Freising / Germany
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International conference

Linking Forest Inventory and Optimization

Well-founded decisions rely on good information. However, the information provided by terrestrial inventories – still probably the most common way to collect data - often do not satisfy current information needs. Modern optimization techniques require additional information apart from data on the initial condition of the forest and growth dynamics such as risk exposure. Hence, the need to link forest management planning and inventory effectively is obvious.
Therefore, a prime intention of this conference is to provide a platform for international exchange of knowledge and to facilitate a discussion focussing on the following topics:

  • forest management optimisation
  • sustainability assurance
  • risk modelling
  • applications of remote sensing
  • up-to-date collection of terrestrial data

Through a comparison of present information requirements and current inventory methods, the conference helps pave the way toward aligned, decision-oriented inventory and management practices on the management unit level.


The LIFO-2008 was a joint conference of the IUFRO units
4.02.00 Forest resources inventory and monitoring [go]
4.04.00 Forest management planning [go]

Conference documents can be downloaded here.